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Our core subject 2023/2024: Climate Crisrs, this pictures shows a flooded part of the city.

Focus Topic

Each year the board selects a specific topic that is highly relevant to our society.

Starting in November 2023, HAFIS will focus on climate change.

Human-induced climate change is an undeniable reality. Today, we face a huge challenge of our own making. We must act as quickly and as sustainably as possible to address the causes of climate change. At the same time we want to find ways to adapt to a vastly changing world. Research has been making important contributions for many years. But we need more. We need creativity and bold ideas.

We need everyone’s commitment, your contribution, your research and your project.

We have long been aware: there is not one single political intervention that can save us on its own. The problem of climate change will not be solved by more people recycling consistently, nor will it be fixed by a single technology that mitigates the worst effects of the climate crisis. Instead, we need everyone’s commitment, every contribution, every research and every real-world project. We need to be creative, act boldly, and develop prototypes. We need to take action, over and over again.

To ensure a future worth living in, we must increase the transfer of outstanding research results into practice. Investing in research and technology transfer is an investment in just this livable future.

The core subject of our program will change with each cycle. We start with the most pressing issue of our time, in line with the climate initiative of our partner, the Helmholtz Association. For the coming cycles, we will take on further future topics such as energy, health and sustainable mobility.

You want to learn more about the program of HAFIS and why you should participate?