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Approx. 9 months

Application deadline
October 24, 2023

Maximum 0.5 days per week

Our academy program starts with a joint kick-off event where all participants get to know each other. After that, workshops and project meetings are held about every four weeks. In these power-ups, we show you how to develop and implement your own project ideas. You also have the opportunity for individual, project-related coaching at any time.

A highlight of our joint journey: The interim presentation! We all travel together for two days to an inspiring location, get to know partners of the Helmholtz centers and work intensively on the project ideas.

A second workshop phase follows, in which everything revolves around implementing the project ideas, acquiring the necessary resources and developing the best communication for the project. At a final event, you will present in front of our contacts from industry, business and society.


The HAFIS academy supports all transfer formats, from knowledge and technology transfer to starting your own business. This open approach gives all participants the opportunity to explore project ideas that fit best, both professionally and personally.

We want to inspire our participants, bring them into exchange with partners from business and industry, and accompany them along the way: From the very first wish to achieve even more impact with their research to the realization of a project.

With HAFIS, we are addressing researchers who …

… are interested in networking and exchange.

… want to get involved in transfer projects.

… want their research to have a direct impact.

Your personal benefits:

  • Build teams and collaborate with external stakeholders
  • Learn tools & techniques for turning research into real world-impact
  • Connect with researchers and decision makers from practice
  • Present your ideas to leaders from academia, society and business
  • Receive coaching from external experts
  • Discover new career perspectives
  • Develop your prototype
  • Enhance your skills to mobilize resources

You are interested but still have some questions?