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Helmholtz Academy for Intrapreneurship (HAFIS)
– A Helmholtz Transfer Academy

Your research can save us.

How do we help you make it happen?

For many researchers, contributing to solving the greatest challenges of our time is a strong ambition, but also a real challenge in their day-to-day work. HAFIS supports them with a project-based approach in which they can participate alongside their research activities: In a nine-month cycle, we accompany researchers in identifying and implementing their own transfer projects that fit their results and suit them individually.

Our vision

We want researchers to identify and seize opportunities to bring their research into practice. So more outstanding research results find their way into society and the economy.
In our cross-center program, you as a participant work with coaches on your project, gain methodological knowledge, establish a team, and benefit from exchanges with experts from society and industry. You will develop your own project and broaden your perspective on the possibilities of making an impact with research. Through collaboration with various Helmholtz centers and their partner organizations, your research topics become visible beyond the scientific community. But most importantly, during the program, you will already achieve first prototypical results.

You want to learn more about the Focus topic in our cycle 2023/2024?

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